Best Locations to rent Property for sale in Malta
by Elena Tahora on May 15, 2017

The Island of Malta is the most sought after country in Europe. Situated at the very heart of Mediterranean Sea, the climate here is excellent with the sun almost all year round. The Republic of Malta is little with crime making the country one of the safest in the world to stay.

Malta enjoys political stability and low cost of living, therefore attracting many people year round who come for a vacation or business trips.

All these make Malta the best destination for tourism and retirement or relocation. Also, the country has rich history and culture that attracts many people as well. The beaches are crystal clear where ‘world class diving’ takes place.

So, since Malta comprises of three Islands, which is the best city to rent? We will focus on cities in Malta the main Island and Gozo.

The Bugibba, Qawra and St Paul’s Bay

The place is well connected with several bus routes to the most popular places around. Bar/pubs are available and a few swimming places though mostly rocky. The place is overly crowded with tourists and busy during summer. There are artificial sandy beaches that are child-friendly. Bugibba and Qawra are considered the largest tourist resort in Malta. Petite culture is observed here, and one can hardly feel the Maltese life.

St Julian’s and Paceville

The places are central with the most decent choice of hotels. They are suitable for dining, clubbing, pub crawls and nightlife.  St Julian got only one beach whose waters aren’t clean making the place unsuitable for swimming. They are crowded, always busy and very noisy, especially in summer. They are not child-friendly. 


It is a modern place with bars/pubs, good hotels, and dining options. You can book your apartments on several sites like this one here: It offers excellent rocky beaches and lidos with pools excellent for swimming. While on Silema, you can easily access Valletta and Comino/ Gozo oversea.  Silema is the busiest city in Malta with heavy traffic congestion, and it 's hard to spot a parking lot in the busy city.  The “Sun & Sea” Sliema, a perfect place for holiday goers.


It is the capital city of Malta. The area is well connected with other cities through the public transport that plies various routes. It is not busy, the accommodations are of high quality with plenty of places to explore from culture to history, but no beaches. There's a great opportunity for people who would like to buy a rental investment in Valletta, here's some great high end properties . As you can see the property is very expensive but if you rent it out, you can expect a return on investment of about 8%, which is very good considering that fact that you also have capital appreciation over the years. 


Renting in Mellieha means you will be staying in a good Maltese village. The area is located in the North of Malta, very peaceful with easy accessibility to other parts. It is silent with little or no nightlife. Several smaller beaches are available in Mellieha, but the largest beach in Maltese, Mellieha Bay is within reach although always congested.


It is a quiet, mostly rural Island with several places to explore. Public transport is available therefore accessing other parts is easy, although it is recommended to hire a car. It is a charming place to stay.

With the most popular cities featured on in this article, it is now easy to choose the best location to rent a property in Malta, but purpose/motive of the tenant determines it all.

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