Bike Accessories You Can Install in Cars in Australia
by Zaine Jolly on May 22, 2017

Bikes are great ways to exercise. However, they are not made for very long treks on asphalt roads. Some car accessories can make it easier for you to bring those bikes to other places. Cars are convenient ways of getting around, too. Summing it up, cars and bikes can help you get to places and get fit at the same time. What are the different bike accessories you can install on your car to make it cater to you biking needs? Here are some of them you can try out.

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Roof Racks for Bikes

Roof racks can save great spaces and can even work on small cars. They are lightweight and can lift many bikes at a single time. This is because some compartments cannot accommodate the space taken by bikes. In addition, disassembling a bike can be very hard to do. It is both a hassle on time and effort for the owners part. The roof racks can easily take away the need to do these things and go through the process of assembling and disassembling bikes. You can check out the different, expertly made roof racks in Australia if you Read More Here for better insights.

Bike Hitches

Bikes hitches can be installed in the back of cars to lift one or more bikes. They are surprisingly strong and easy to install, too. Many manufacturers use the extra space given by spare tire holders. Some also develop strong frames to support your bikes no matter how big they are and how heavy they are. Amazingly, they can stay latched on to the car even with brash driving habits. Some are developed to tilt and some are developed to swing. However, all of them are made to withstand great deals of pressure and weight so you can drive as fast as you can without worrying.

Boot hatches

If your car is a hatchback, the best option is to use a boot hatch in Australia. These are especially made for hatchback cars to make sure that their complicated design can still support the weight of bicycles. Some are made of very strong steel to make sure your bike doesn’t fall off in times of danger. Of course, these boot hatches are installed at the back of the hatchback to avoid any possible disturbances in the view of the driver and the driver’s around him or her.

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