Easy Solutions to Your Glazing Problems
by Adam Smith on May 16, 2017

If your glass is damaged, whether broken or scratched, you need to seek a glazier’s help. Glazing services include installation of glass in windows, blocks, doors, etc. It also involves installation of custom glass surfaces and mirrors. Different residential, commercial and industrial buildings prefer different types of glass windows, varying in size, shape and colour. Nowadays, installation of glass doors, table tops, decorative items, and mirrors also falls under glazing services. (Information credit: Randburg Glass)

Installation of Window Glass

For aesthetic appeal, many people are using tinted glass for their windows. While replacing the glass, the first thing that you need to consider is the interior. The chosen material should suit the interiors of your home. You should be especially alert about the wood or vinyl joints. You can replace your window in two ways: you can either slip your new glass into the existing sashes, or you could consider getting rid of the existing frame by buying a new one. Additionally, make sure your purchased glass matches the existing glass in colour and form. Furthermore, you should be informed about the durability of the glass. If it wears out or breaks, it should be easily replaceable.

Installation of Glass Doors

Glass doors enhance transparency and brightness in the interiors. Glass also lends a formal atmosphere to a place. This is the reason why many office buildings pick glass to design doors and walls. Glass has a variety of advantages over wood. You can get scratch-free materials for your doors. You could also buy a patterned door to make your doors exquisite.  For your doors, make sure you buy double-paned glass. They are energy efficient and durable. You can also get decorative glass that matches your window panes.

Installation of Table Tops

Glass adds class and elegance to your furnishings, and is often preferred for designing table tops. Glass tops are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are ideal for dining room tables, writing tables, coffee tables, conference room tables.  Glass elevates the style of your office desk or custom table tops, lending a modern look. Glass table tops require low maintenance and are sturdy. You could either pick tinted glass or safety glass for your table tops. While tinted glass blocks UV rays and is ideally used outdoors, safety glass includes tempered and laminated glass which prevents breakage of glass.

Installation of Mirrors

Although it may seem easy to replace mirrors on your own, it is a perilous business. It involves a lot of risks. Glass is prone to breakages and requires careful handling. Moreover, check the quality of your glass, mirror thickness, and the silvering before buying. While checking the quality, ensure the mirror is not distorting reflections.

Installation of glass or replacement of glass is not a difficult task if you seek expert help. Consider your budget and the appearance of your interiors before glass installation.

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