by Tahir Ismail on April 26, 2017

The Abitare Co. Agency promotes another project: a modern building close to the Porta Nuova neighborhood

Milano, April 18, 2017 – Abitare Co. Introduces a new residential complex located in the heart of Milan. This is Gioia 181, a modern and versatile residence placed in a strategic area served by public transport and infrastructures, but also immersed in green while being in the city. The residence is located in the Naviglio Martesana area, not far away from the Porta Nuova neighborhood.

Gioia 181 Apartment Complex consists of two parts: an 8-storey tower building and another smaller one, located on two levels, overlooking Via Melchiorre Gioia. It is made up of 19 residential units, customizable according to the needs of each future tenant.

The apartments are equipped with terraces, spacious areas, and every comfort. In addition, they are set in a quiet setting that guarantees the utmost privacy, with an entrance hall with concierge service, fitness area, meeting room, bicycle parking and equipped indoor green spaces.

Versatility and convenience combine style and design, with the best interior home brands to finish every detail. A special mention goes to the location where Gioia 181 is found: via Melchiorre Gioia, in fact, is located at a short distance from the Porta Nuova district, one of the most fervent areas in Milan. Moreover, it is not far from the Naviglio della Martesana and from the Cassina de’ Pomm Garden, ideal places to spend a few relaxing hours in the open air with the family or to do workout in total relaxation,.

For more information please contact Abitare Co. Details and Images are available at the following addresses: and For more visit

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