John Dean
Fire Pits
A chilly night with flickering flames. That is what this fire pit promises. It's a dark rubbed bronze finish and lattice design will blend with any color in your home decor.
on February 13, 2017

Building a fire pit is not something that is done and forgotten. Having a fire pit, taking care of a fire pit and monitoring its use are responsibilities to be taken very seriously and the whole family should be involved. While planning the fire pit, the family should gather at the site and discuss whether there are any fire hazards or other risks that could cause problems or injury. With the fami...

on April 08, 2017

Many of us use our garages for more than housing our cars. Football season is going on, and a good friend of mine converted his garage into a workshop/football hangout. He has his power tools and flat panel TV in a nice set-up. I've seen other people use their garage as their personal office or even an extra bedroom. This is a great set-up during the warmer months of the year, but as winter comes ...

- 2017