How Green Building Materials are Changing the Construction Industry
by Nate Vickery on June 10, 2017

It’s safe to say that green building materials are becoming more and more used in today’s construction industry. Between 40% and 48% of all the non-residential construction in the United States is classified as green which only shows how often these building materials are used. Not to mention that this is a staggering increase from no more than 1.4% which was reported back in 2005. But how are green materials changing the construction industry? Read on to find out.

What is Green Building?

Firstly it’s necessary to define what green building really is. It covers sustainability, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor environmental quality in order to reduce the impact construction has on the environment. It should also be said that this is becoming a standard for the entire industry and we’re only going to see more and more constructors turning to green building. Also, in the United States, the government intends to save around 20% on construction of new buildings in the next couple of years.

Push by consumers

Consumers are always more ready to turn to a business that tries to reduce their impact on the environment and because of this, more and more businesses decide to go green when constructing buildings necessary for their work. Therefore, it’s the push by the consumers that makes business owners decide to go green and manufacturers to keep coming up with new ways to make their materials more environmentally-friendly. Of course, this isn’t the only advantage green buildings bring to the large companies, since these also tend to reduce their waste and the cost of their bills.

More space for innovation

As the entire industry advance, there’s always more space for innovation when it comes to green materials and ways to use them. Not only this, but over the years green materials have become better and more affordable. In addition, experts are also trying to reuse what’s already in a construction project in order to make the new green materials even more environmentally-friendly. With so much effort put into creating new green materials, we now have high-performance window films that block UV radiation and low VOC paints, which are used both by large businesses and homeowners.

Benefits of going green

Using green building materials is beneficial to almost any demographic. This is the case because it saves money, reduces our carbon footprint, and offers us a healthier space to live and work at. Also, green materials tend to last longer and require less repairs over time which is another reason why so many people decode to go green. So, if you happen to be building a new home for you and your family, using green materials is always recommended. Just make sure you turn to experts like those at Superdraft, who are going to advise you which materials to go for and how to use them for the best efficiency.

More affordable options than standard materials

No matter what kind of construction project builders are working on, green materials are always going to be more affordable than the materials used in traditional building. The demand has motivated more and more entrepreneurs to start creating green materials, which means their price went down and there are more of these available on the market. So, everyone from a standard homeowner to a large corporation can use green materials in order to spend less on any type of a building project.

With so many businesses and homeowners turning to environmentally-friendly materials, we can only expect to see their popularity to rise and new types of materials to be produced. The construction industry has undergone a lot of change during the last decade and green materials like this are going to change it even more in the future.

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