How Poor Air Conditioning Can Affect Your Health
by Dominic Dietrich on May 28, 2017

Careful During Those Heat Alerts This Summer

We all know that during the summer things can get dangerously hot. As we prepare for the next sweltering months, we must also be careful to avoid improperly using the air conditioner. It includes using older models of an air conditioner which are not always healthy for use.


Illness and Fatigue

It can be the tendency of many of us, and for many offices, businesses, and stores, to use the air conditioner in overdrive during the hottest parts of the year. While on the one hand, this sounds like a grand idea, in reality, it tends to create more problems than it solves. By overusing the air, many people end up getting sick. The cold indoors does not mesh well with the hot outdoors and can lead to many bugs. It is important to balance the air conditioning with the heat outside to avoid such problem to happen possibly.


Dry Skin

By always using the air conditioning, you are also drying out the air. It is even worse if you sit directly in front of the air conditioner. It can lead to your skin drying out. It is not healthy for your skin, and can eventually lead to wrinkles and early signs of aging. Dry skin cause also lead to emphysema, irritation, and rash. To prevent this from happening, avoid sitting in front of the air conditioner on full blast.



If you have an older air conditioning unit, it is more than likely that you have a timeworn air filter, if any air filter at all. It is much more likely that you do not have one. It can be awful for your health, as air filters can clean out the dirt, debris, and air pollutants that are in the air. If you have breathing issues, asthma, or lung problems, it is important to ensure that you are using a reliable air filter and that you change the filter regularly. The Older unit should be replaced to avoid the contamination.


How to Avoid These Issues

These all sound like certain matters that you will have to deal with when you get an air conditioner, but this is not the case. If you opt to replace your units, you can get an air conditioning installation Denver that has a programmable thermostat that you can change and have automatically come on whenever you need it to avoid overly dry skin, as well as conditions prime for getting sick. Be assured that you get a unit that includes a high air filter to help take care of your allergy and breathing problems and eliminate the possibility of getting things worse.

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