How To Create Your Own Moss Garden
by Rudyard Kipling on June 15, 2017

Do you have a place in your garden where you cannot seem to get anything to grow? The area could be too damp or too dark to allow anything to thrive in the area. These areas can have a negative effect on the appearance of the garden landscaping, and it can take away from its beauty.

The reason that this is happening is likely that the area isn't providing the best growing conditions. Before you hire professional garden services, you have another option. It could be the perfect place to grow moss. When you initially hear moss, you might not like it. Many people who are growing a garden do everything that they can to make the area moss free. Rather than struggling to get rid of the moss, you should embrace it.

If you don't know what moss is, it is the spongy, soft plant that makes the area look like green carpeting. The good thing about moss is that it never needs to be mowed, fertilized, or watered. It requires no special care to start growing on its own. If you are a person who considers moss to be a furry green weed, think again. In the right situation, it can be absolutely beautiful and it can make your garden landscaping pop.

What Is a Moss Garden?

The reason that many people choose to put moss in their garden is that it is simple and quite. There are no plants of different shapes and sizes to distract your thoughts. There are also no vibrant colors to catch your eye. If you want a quiet serene place to gather your thoughts and to think without being disturbed, moss is a great option. Best of all, it is maintenance free and you will barely need to hire a garden landscaping company to plant it. Also, it grows all year long.

If you still don't get the concept of moss gardens, do an online search for Kokedera in Japan. It is an ancient Japanese moss garden that was created in the 1300's. It was created to be a symbol of eternal life as well as being an area for meditation and relaxation. This particular moss garden has many types of moss as well as trees placed intermittently.

Placing Your Moss Garden

If you are considering planting a moss garden, you don't need to hire a company who provides gardening services. You would just need to choose the right place so that it will grow naturally. Moss grows best in damp areas where there is some natural light. It won't grow in complete darkness. It is best to find an area that is partially shaded by trees, a fence, or a wall. If you want to achieve the best results possible, you should choose a type of moss that is native to your area.

If you are growing moss in the optimal conditions, it will grow naturally. It will also spread over surfaces such as oil, stone, and wood, creating a green, fuzzy carpet. If you aren't seeing the results that you had hoped for, you don't need to hire a company who offers gardening services.

You would simply need to brush buttermilk or low-fat milk over the area. This will stimulate growth. When the moss is established and it starts growing properly, your garden will look like it has been draped in a blanket of green velvet.

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