How to Start a Home Renovating Business from a Scratch?
by Nate Vickery on July 06, 2017

While great majority of people look for a steady 9 to 5 job, there are those who aren’t content with living their lives in this manner. Why? Well, simply because they are sick and tired of someone else bossing them around until they are old enough to retire. For them, there is nothing more important than becoming independent and starting their own enterprise. Now, when it comes to this, picking a niche can be vital and according to most metrics, home renovating industry is ripe for the taking. Still, what would it take to start a company in this line of work completely from scratch? Let’s find out!

Start with Education

Although a lot of people would argue that the experience provides you with a best education there is. However, it is highly unlikely that you would know where to start or that someone would entrust you their home, without any proof of formal education. In ideal world, you would have a diploma of a prestigious construction engineering school, but in practice virtually any acknowledged certification would do.

Pursue Apprenticeship

Even with the best grades in the construction engineering school you won’t get far unless you learn how to apply them. This is why, you need to apply for apprenticeship as soon as possible. This is probably the most important step. You see, the better the company you do your apprenticeship at, the better your reputation will be, but there is something even more important. If you get the privilege to work with people who really know their business, you get a rare opportunity to acquire knowledge you could never get from books alone.

Get Your License

Naturally, the next step on this path would be to obtain all necessary licensure in order to start working. You need to register your headquarters, even if you intend to operate across states or even internationally and you also need to register your renovating company as a business for the sake of taxes. Different states have different requirements in order to issue these licenses, but another thing that could determine this is your license class. You see, it is much more affordable to get a license for renovations than for construction.

Hiring a Team

Now, that you have all of this covered, it is time to actually get started. Here, however, you will have to take care of several things. For example, you need to think about hiring people for the job. Of course, initially you won’t have the luxury of hiring experts, but by looking at the potential in your future staff members you can achieve a lot. A lot of these manual skills can be trained, so make sure to make a mixture of people with experience and those ready and willing to learn.

Tools and Supplies

The only thing left for you now is to start purchasing tools and making connections amongst suppliers. When it comes to smaller tools, you need to go with quality, since the tools you use will have a direct impact on your productivity. Unfortunately, some pieces of heavy machinery you may need can be too expensive for you to buy during your first job, but then again, you can always rent from a reliable company such as Preston Hire. When it comes to buying supplies, make sure people you are getting them from know you will need large quantities in the future and they may give you a significant discount.

Getting a Specialization

Finally, you need to think about finding that one thing that is going to set you apart from your competitors. One of such things is getting a specialization. You see, when you talk about a home remodeling business, you are looking at a very large field. Most companies specialize in the renovation of particular parts of your home, like kitchen, attic or bathroom remodeling. According to experts in the field of mobile home remodel, when you narrow down your focus, you become much more efficient at it. Furthermore, seeing how you already have all the necessary tools and material suppliers, the cost of doing business becomes much lower.


As you can see, starting a home renovating business from scratch is a lengthy and difficult process. First, you need to acquire necessary knowledge. Next, you need to get all the certifications your clients will look for and eventually, you need to get the right tools and materials of the trade. In the end, the success of your company will depend on your personal expertise and overall business management skill, but that is a story for another time.

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