India, Now a Hot Destination for 3D Mechanical Animation
by Elliott Smedley on May 10, 2017

Today, India is one of the world’s largest suppliers of mechanical animation services to all over the world. Recent research has shown that India is the most sought after destination for the 3D modeling and animation of piping, assemblies of mechanical parts, product manufacturing and small size mechanical components. With 3d mechanical animation, businesses are able to gain a whole new insight about a specific product, before actually developing it.

5 reasons why India is an attractive 3D mechanical animation destination

  1. High number of mechanical engineers and 3D mechanical animators who have an extensive experience in engineering and visualization
  2. Use of the latest techniques, tools, software and standards used in the 3D mechanical animation and modeling industry
  3. Assurance of accurate and visually appealing 3D mechanical animations
  4. End-to-end 3D mechanical animation solutions – from the concept to the prototype
  5. Low cost services that result in huge cost savings

What 3D mechanical animation services does India offer?

Businesses across the world, seek India for its cutting-edge and accurate 3D mechanical animation, CAD modeling and rendering services. No matter the type or scope of your animation requirements, India can offer you with a custom-fit solution that meets your requirements. Some of the 3D mechanical animation services offered in India include:

  • 3D piping animation of pipes, ducts, feeders and conveyors
  • 3D mechanical equipment animation ( sectional or side views)
  • 3D automotive animation of different automotive parts like the gears, clutch, carbonator, shaft or piston
  • 3D animation from 2D CAD, scanned images or hand drawing
  • 3D animation displaying the 3D sectional views of mechanical parts
  • 3D animation of mechanical assemblies
  • 3D animation models of mechanical parts
  • 3D animation and rendering of mechanical components
  • 3D CAD models from 3D scanning data
  • 3D modeling for rapid prototyping
  • CAD drafting and conversions
  • 2D and 3D mechanical CAD drawings

Indian animators use the latest mechanical animation software

Indian animators create their mechanical animations by using the very latest versions of AutoCAD, Pro/E, Inventor, 3D Max, Solid Works and Micro station amongst others. Once the animations are created, they can be easily edited for modifications. You can get a fully functional model or only opt to animate individual features of the overall design. Once the animation process is complete, your service provider in India will provide you with a live animation (AVI, MPEG or MOVIE file) which can be easily shared among your team members.

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