Infrared Heaters In clothing?
by John Dean on May 22, 2017

If you haven’t heard of infrared heated clothing, then you will soon. As some of the warmest jackets and gloves in the world, infrared heated clothing is proving useful for everybody from motorcyclists to hunters, and has even been shown to have therapeutic healing properties. So how does it work?

Basically, with infrared heated clothing, a small heating pad is located on various parts of the body. This pad warms the wearer, and fits seamlessly and comfortably into any outfit. Instead of simply heating one part of the body, like a normal heating pad, infrared heated clothing is designed specifically to distribute heat evenly around the body.

How does infrared heating work?

Infrared heated clothing uses advanced technology to provide you with deep, soothing, and comfortable warmth. As a region on the electromagnetic spectrum, infrared falls between visible light and microwaves. Our bodies – and the sun – naturally produce infrared at all times, which makes infrared heated clothing a safe and effective technology.

The infrared heaters can be powered in a number of different ways. If you’re riding in a vehicle like a motorcycle or a snowmobile, cables can extend from your jacket into the vehicle’s battery to provide you with a constant flow of warmth. For every other situation, the heating pads can easily be charged in any power system.

Who can use infrared heated clothing?

Infrared Heaters In clothing?

Anybody can experience the benefits of wearing infrared heated clothing, and it has become especially popular with those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Hunters and fisherman – who would normally have to confront chilly temperatures in the wilderness, now have a portable source of heat that they can wear with them everywhere they go. In that sense, any hobby can be made much more enjoyable by investing in a good piece of infrared heated clothing.

Motorcyclists: No matter how protected you are from the elements, riding a bike on a cold day can make you numb. Using infrared heated clothing, you can target the parts of your body that you want to heat up the most. How good would heated gloves or a vest feel on your body while biking?

Skiers: How much more enjoyable would skiing be if you brought a personal heater with you every time? With remote controlled infrared heating technology, you can increase the heat of the clothing while riding on the chilly chairlift, and then tone it down once you’ve sufficiently warmed up.

Divers: Good heated clothing companies will even offer waterproof pieces, making it an ideal product to use while diving in chilly places. While a standard wetsuit may keep you dry, it doesn’t always keep you very warm.

Heated seats: On a cold day, sitting on a heated seat can be an extremely pleasant feeling. For that reason, infrared heating technology can be found in everything from golf carts to motorcycle seats.

Medical therapy: Surprisingly, infrared is useful for more than just protecting people from the elements. It also has special healing properties which can be useful for various medical and therapeutic purposes. Far infrared is known as ‘healthy heat’ and can stimulate good blood flow, among other things.

Outdoor jobs: Construction workers and anybody else who works in a cooler environment will appreciate the soothing warmth of infrared heated clothing. And, once you’re warmed up, you can dial the temperature of the clothing back down to avoid becoming overheated.

And so much more! These are just a few of the activities in which infrared heated clothing is being used right now. However, it can also be used in literally any outdoor situation, or any time you feel like you could use a little extra warmth.

What kinds of infrared heated clothing pieces are available?

Infrared heated clothing comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Jackets are particularly popular. Or, if your hands frequently get cold while outside, then you can buy special heated gloves. If you’d prefer to wear your infrared heated clothing underneath a standard jacket, there are sleeveless vests, back warmers, and other options available. There are even special infrared pads which can be placed inside boots, ensuring that every part of your body is kept warm.

Some infrared heated clothing pieces are built for specific hobbyists, like motorcyclists or divers. For example, some companies offer a selection of heated motorcycle gloves which are more durable than ones you would use for other activities. Similarly, waterproof heated dry suits are available for divers and other watersports enthusiasts.

Many infrared heated clothing companies will even offer accessories, like charging units and controllers, to ensure that you never have to go without heat for very long. This makes infrared heated clothing ideal to bring on a hike, motorcycle ride, or camping trip. Of course, if you are going to be without power for an extended period of time, then you can easily bring along spare batteries that you have charged at home. These batteries are lightweight and can easily fit into a backpack.

And, best of all, good infrared heated clothing does not create hot spots. Instead, it creates a uniform, full-body sense of warmth. So, unlike simply applying a hot pad to one part of your body, infrared heated clothing uses special technology to distribute it around your system. Ultimately, this makes wearers as warm and comfortable as possible.

Will I look bulky in infrared heated clothing?

When looking at infrared heated clothing from a good company, you will notice that it is not noticeably thicker than a normal piece of outdoor clothing. Basically, your warmth does not have to come at the cost of looking bulky. In fact, to the untrained eye, it can be difficult to even notice the difference between somebody wearing infrared heated clothing and somebody wearing a standard, non-heated jacket. For this reason, infrared heated clothing is becoming increasingly popular with everybody who spends time outdoors, from motorcyclists to skiers.

The therapeutic benefits of infrared heated clothing

Since our bodies and the sun naturally produce infrared, wearing it can have special healing properties. In fact, infrared therapy has been used for thousands of years in ancient China, India, Rome, and the Americas to sooth and detoxify the body. Unlike regular heat, which only touches the surface of your skin, infrared travels deeper into the body. As it interacts with your body, the infrared waves stimulate enhanced blood flow, release toxins, and can encourage the formation of new blood vessels. In fact, infrared heating has even been shown to reduce menstrual cramps and other pains that are associated with “that time of the month.”

If you’re worried about radiation, then stop: far infrared is on a completely different wavelength than X-rays or microwaves, and can only have a positive effect on your body. Our bodies naturally come into contact with infrared all day, every day, and adding a direct heating source to your clothing will simply speed up the natural healing properties of infrared.


Infrared heated clothing is slightly more expensive than regular clothing. However, if you can find the right, high-quality company, then your investment will quickly pay off in the form of warmer, more comfortable days spent outside. Whether you’re a motorcyclist or a fisherman, we can all appreciate a little extra warmth.

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