Pellet Inserts: A Wonderful Addition to Your Home
by Adam Smith on May 30, 2017

A fireplace is a wonderful addition you can make to your home. As oil and gas resources are scarce, their costs are increasing. Installing a pellet fuelled stove or fireplace insert is a good alternative to heat your home. Pellet stoves offer an effective heating solution to your home. Wood pellets or corn pellets are also eco-friendly fuels. Here are some advantages of pellet inserts and stoves.

  • Easy to Operate

Pellets are available in the market as fuel. All you have to do is pull out the pellets and load them in your fireplace. This is also a better alternative as they do not involve any hard work of chopping. One load of pellets is enough to heat your home for about 14 to 16 hours at a stretch. You will not need to reload with pellets too often.

  • Safe

Pellets are a safer fuel as they are easy to work with. Pellet inserts are a safer alternative if you have children or pets around. Pellet loads can also be stored near the pellet insert about one inch apart.

  • Clean-Burning

One of the biggest advantages of getting pellet insert is that they do not produce smoke like the traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Although the pellets are used as fuel, the smoke production is reduced to a great extent. You will not have to worry about smoke filled rooms and unpleasant odors while heating your home.

  • Eco-Friendly

While other resources like gas are limited, bio fuels like wood and corn are available easily and are renewable. Bio fuels are way more eco-friendly than they are believed to be.  Bio fuels emit the same amount of carbon while both burning and decaying.

  • Cost Effective

The wood pellet is one of the cheapest fuels that can be used to heat up your home. And pellet inserts do not require many refills throughout the day. This means you can heat up your home in a very inexpensive manner.

  • Highly Efficient

Wood fireplaces offer effective heating and create a wonderful ambience. But they are smoky and give out bad odor. Pellet inserts have all the advantages of wood fireplaces minus the cons. Pellet inserts with the right ventilation help to keep your home warm for longer stretches of time. Pellets are made of sawdust, wood shavings or even bio materials like corn. They have low moisture content which helps in improving the efficiency of the pellet insert.

Tips to Choose the Right Pellet Insert

As pellet inserts offer both comfort and performance, they are becoming the first preference of home owners as a heating system. There are many installers and fireplace designers who offer their services. While there are many choices for homeowners when it comes to fireplace stores, you must follow certain tips to save yourself from regretting later.

Make a List

Pellet inserts are available in various designs with different features. You must make a list of your requirements. To make a list you need to ask certain questions of yourself. These are:

  • What are your heating requirements?
  • What size will be suitable for your home?
  • What features you need to take into account?

Choose the Right Installer

Although there are many DIY fireplace installation and building ideas floating around on the internet, they turn out to be very tiring and useless in real life. And fireplaces are not something that you will invest in again and again. Thus, it is better that you get your pellet insert from a reliable fireplace store. A good fireplace store has designers and other professionals who are not only experienced but also have expertise. They are able to understand your needs and requirements and provide a pellet insert that suits all your needs. Apart from that, they also support you through the whole process of buying a pellet insert and its installation.

Visit the Store

There are many wonderful things that are available online but pellet inserts are definitely not one of them. Although online shopping offers comfort and there are many online stores that offer pellet stoves online, it is better that you visit the fireplace store personally to choose the right one for you. You need to check the size and technologies yourself before buying a pellet insert. You can also ask the staff of the store if you have questions, and clear all your doubts before you make the purchase.

Generally, homeowners are worried about the price tag and that is what they check while shopping for a pellet insert. But there are many other things that must be considered as well. The size of a pellet stove is one of them. As a pellet insert is a ready-to-insert object. You need to check whether it will fit in your fireplace or not.

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