Regular Fire Drills Will Save Your Employees Lives
by Rudyard Kipling on June 11, 2017

Regular Fire Drills Will Save Your Employees’ Lives! Do you remember fire drills you used to have in high school? For many employees that was also the last time they had a fire drill. And although it is an important part of a fire safety plan, many companies neglect it completely.

Most consider fire drills to be an unnecessary bother, but in the event of an actual fire, it can save countless lives by teaching people how to react.

All major companies dealing with fire prevention systems like Red Truck Fire & Safety Company advise their clients to conduct these exercises on a regular basis.

In this article, we’ll explain the basics of a fire drill and how these exercises can be life-saving.

Appoint a Fire Safety Supervisor

Every company needs to have one or more fire safety supervisors or fire wardens, depending on the size of your company building or offices. In the case of a fire, they are responsible for handling the evacuation and other related procedures.

In large companies, there is usually a fire warden for each department. They should be the ones responsible for planning and executing a fire drill regularly, ideally once a month or every four months.

The objective of a fire drill is not just to teach the workers how to evacuate, but measure the competency of the fire safety supervisors.

The drills should show the management whether the fire wardens are handling these procedures quickly and correctly.

What Constitutes a Fire Drill?

This part largely concerns the supervisors, but there’s no harm in knowing the procedure. The first step a fire warden should take is to warn your local Fire Department.

Next, he is to tell the rest of the employees that there is a fire through the intercom and ask them to calmly evacuate the building.

After that, a fire warden should determine whether the fire is local. If he can extinguish the fire on his own, it is his duty to use the fire extinguishers and avert a larger crisis.

He should also make sure that the escape routes are without obstacles. If there are any obstacles, he should advise the workers to take an alternate route.

A fire warden is also responsible for helping vulnerable workers with evacuation and meets the rest of the occupants outside for a head count.

Why Are Fire Drills So Important?

First of all, fire drills help the management determine whether the fire alarms are working properly. Testing them is essential in case an actual crisis occurs. It can help determine whether you need to change the batteries in any of the devices or look for a replacement for malfunctioning ones.

Apart from that, the occupants will get a chance to hear how the alarm sounds so they are prepared when it goes off.

A fire drill will give the occupants a chance to practice their roles and learn their responsibilities. This teaches the employees exactly what to do, as an actual fire tends to cause a lot of panic and confusion.

If every employee knows how to react and what their responsibilities are, in the case of an actual fire the confusion will be brought down to a minimum.

Additionally, the occupants will feel more comfortable in an actual crisis. As it so often happens with fire drills, the first few ones are bound to be chaotic and unsuccessful.

But with practice, the employees will understand their roles and as they learn how to react the exercises will become progressively more successful.

Finally, this will give you a chance to determine whether your fire safety plan is easily conducted and makes sense. Sometimes the most complicated and thought out plans can turn into a disaster, which is important to test them in a live setting.




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