Top Areas Preferred by Expats in Mumbai
by Prafulla Mishra on July 02, 2017

Mumbai has been the financial and commercial capital of India for years and hence it attracts people from all over the country as well as the world. Mumbai has a plethora of opportunities to offer and hence people from throughout the world come Mumbai in search of better opportunities. They are known as the expats and they love to live in the locations which provides them with all the facilities such as food, lodging, medical services, entertainment facilities etc. Therefore, there is a significant rise in the demand for real estate in Mumbai which in turn increases the rates of accommodation as well as give developers a reasons to introduce new residential projects in Mumbai.

Most Preferred Locations by Expats

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The most preferred locations where the expats in Mumbai want to reside or look for the accommodation facility are as mentioned below.

Powai – Powai is a place in Mumbai that is a great attraction among the expat population mainly due to the availability of good quality of homes, clean neighbourhood and the place lies close to their workplace. The area has a lot of foreign brands which give the expats a feeling of a home though they are away from their home. Powai has all the facilities that the expats would have enjoyed at their own place. There are several luxury apartments in Mumbai, Powai with all the modern facilities that the expats look for. It is well connected with roads and railways making is easier to commute. Powai is place that lies in the top preference of the Europeans and most importantly, here the housing complexes have parks, the place is less crowded with all the facilities of clubs, spas, gymnasiums which makes the location ideal where the Europeans would love their kids to grow.

Juhu – Juhu is another of the very preferred location where the expat population love to come and reside. Some of the world – class can be availed here especially the entertainment facilities which the expats generally look for in the weekends to enjoy and relax. Some of the best developers of real estate in Mumbai have started several of their upcoming projects here since the demand in on the higher side. The developers can expect good return from investing Juhu which is one of the prime locations for the expat population.

Bandra – It is one of the most premium locations in Mumbai where the expats love to settle. Some of the most popular entertainment hubs are located in this region making it just perfect for the expats. Actually, they love these kind of entertainment facilities where they love to visit during the weekends and sometimes even during the weekdays after their work schedule and off course the glamour quotient of Bandra adds up to all this making the environment just ideal for the expat population. Five star hotels, great shopping malls, superb restaurants etc. all lies in the premium pockets of the Bandra West region. Some of the best luxury apartments in Mumbai, Bandra are readily available to provide all the modern facilities to the expat population.


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