Top Bathroom Improvements That Add Value to Your Home
by Rudyard Kipling on June 15, 2017

There was a time when home improvement projects consisted of replacing the cupboard doors in the kitchen. Then fitted kitchens became the norm in most homes. Likewise, bathrooms underwent their own evolution in terms of remodeling – the installation of instant showers, vanity units and nowadays people are looking for even more from their bathrooms.

The explosion of interest in home therapy treatments such as foot spas, hydrotherapy, steam showers and the like have led to people’s expectations being much more than in the past when it comes to what constitutes a desirable bathroom nowadays.

If you’re behind the curve – now is the time to catch up and bring your bathroom into the 21st century.

Upgrading your bathroom makes sense

Like most things in life, when products or concepts eventually make it to the mainstream – everybody wants to have them. Whether it’s flat-screen, plasma TVs, wearable technology or home beauty and health treatments, the good news is that when it comes to improving the functionality and value of your home, you should now seriously consider equipping your bathroom with much more than the absolute basic installations.

Why is upgrading such a good idea? Simple really, extending your home in the form of a conservatory or orangery, or completely remodeling the kitchen is far more expensive than upgrading your bathroom to include a steam shower and whirlpool bath, for example. You can call Prorefub for this kind of handyman services and bathroom improvements.

And while some home improvement projects might benefit certain members of the family more – or be enjoyed only at certain times of the year (think BBQ installation), turning your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary is something all family members can enjoy every day, all year round.

Great return on investment

This makes it probably the best return on investment for your heard earned cash in terms of the impact it will have on your daily lives and the added appeal to your home it provides if you eventually decide to sell and move on. This will be reflected in the value of your home, and in some cases can even help close the deal for buyers looking for a distinguishing factor when making their final choice.

Easy installation

The installation process for modern and steam shower cabins is well developed and relatively fuss-free as most of the plumbing requirements are already routed into the space in question. This makes for a quick, hassle-free bathroom remodel and upgrade which has maximum impact for minimum investment when compared with other home improvement projects.

Take some time to consider your family’s needs, the available space and your budget, and then plan which bathroom installations are a priority and which are possible given these limitation. Invest in the best quality and luxurious equipment you can afford if you plan on staying in your home long term, or spend a bit less for good quality installations if you can perceive moving on in the future.

Either way, you’ll be happy you did when you’re enjoying the multiple health and wellness benefits these bathroom installations provide.


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