What You Should NOT Do When You Find A Hydraulic Fitting Leak
by Clyde Negron on June 21, 2017

Don't Put Your Hands Near the Leak

Whenever you see that you have a leak in your stainless steel hydraulic fittings, it is important that you do not ever put your hands near the leak. The liquid that is inside is not only dangerously hot at over 300°F, but can also be traveling at a critical velocity. It means that it can severely burn your hand, at the same time that it bores into your skin. Never, ever put your hands near these leaks.


Don't Tighten the Fitting Before Checking the Whole System and Leak

One of the biggest errors made when trying to fix leaks in your hydraulic piping is to tighten the loose fitting and call it a day automatically. Sometimes, this works. But other times, this can lead to further damage to the joint, worsening the problem rather than making it better. Before you are going to make a decision to tighten the stainless steel hydraulic fittings, you must have a complete understanding of the cause of the leak, and the state of the hydraulic fitting itself.


Don't Maintain Pressure While You Fix the Leak

Hydraulic pipes and hydraulic fittings are specifically used to help maintain pressure for the overall system that they are a part of. No matter how fast or slow the leak appears to you when you look at it, it is necessary for your overall safety that you always depressurize the pipe before you try and fix the leak. It will help to ensure that the hydraulic fluid does not burst out from the piping, causing damage to you and the machine. Depressurization is essential to avoid it.


Don't Change Fitting Types When Fixing the Leak

If you find that stainless steel hydraulic fittings has led to a leak within your pipes, it is important that you still use that exact type of fitting when you replace it and fix the leak. You cannot change the type of fitting. The new fitting will not connect to the rest of your system, and if you force it to fit, you will be sacrificing the integrity, safety, and functionality of your entire system. You may want to change the fittings that you have used eventually, but you will have to wait until you can take apart the whole system.


Always, Be Smart and Careful

Every time that you see that you have a hydraulic leak, please, be smart about how you approach the hole, and be cautious and mindful of your safety, and the safety of the system when you go to repair it.

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