What's New in High End Bathroom Design?
by Simmon Salice on May 25, 2017

What's New in High End Bathroom Design?

Luxury design in bathrooms today means increased variety, craftsmanship, and creativity. With so many new trends flowing into this personal space it can be difficult to categorize them into new directions for bathroom design, but there are a few clear themes emerging that are propelling new ideas forward.

Craft and Function

No longer in-out spaces to overlook, the element all new bathrooms are striving to show is sophistication. Although more visually complex in color and material, the solid features of the bathroom are becoming more considered in both look and use to show off functionality and purpose.

Storage for example, although hidden, is becoming more bespoke and architecturally integrated into bathroom design. Whether it’s the ease with which toiletries are accessed in their specific compartment, or the secretive mechanisms they open with, cabinets are reaching stylish heights of craftsmanship.

Technology is also a visual element in bathrooms that expresses purpose and function. The showpiece of many high-end showers are new panels that control pressure, direction, and even record information about duration, water use, and all while playing music and giving the news. Expensive tech mirrors can also display such features, but less pricey vanities too are getting brightly edged by mood lighting curtesy of LEDs.

Natural vs. Industrial Clean

Bathrooms are still putting maximum design effort into an emphasis on cleanliness and health, but the ways to do so are becoming more varied. Bathrooms are now displaying clean through a competition between sophisticated industrial objects and calming natural ones.

Free-standing vanities and tubs made of natural stone, for example, are becoming so graceful in appearance that they are being treated as independent centerpieces without attached plumbing fixtures. Faucets and handles for these units are similarly free-standing and serve to balance the larger, organic tubs within the whole of the space. In another take on the clean look, other bathrooms are becoming more minimalistic and show off shiny tech features against large backdrops of clean stone or tile.

In all expressions of healthy design however, plants are invading bathrooms to ‘green’ the space in both small and big gestures of natural calm. Leafy displays can come in different textures and sizes from bamboo to ferns, and can even include herbs that give an added fragrant bonus.

Material Mixtures

The designer bathroom, as you can see in this case study, is also becoming a more eclectic space, reflecting how personal they are to their owners. This is partly due to the explosion of surfacing options now available for bathroom remodels and partly due to a rejection of clinical looks that continue to propel bathrooms toward following luxury spa design. In the new fashion, splashing together mixtures of tile, woods, and metals help to make every high end bathroom a unique creation, and fit to be private kingdoms of relaxation for the individual.

Individualist bathrooms tend to use 4-5 visual base materials that clash just enough for visual vibrancy. These elements are often applied in either large sweeps like patterned-tile flooring, or spread in smaller surface areas through the bathroom to balance its design. The key to a successful mixture seems to be a good clash of contrast between plainer surfaces and more dynamic ones. Base colors or base materials are often a good foundation to begin applying exciting, but measured, flashes of more eye-catching patterns and materials.

Many eclectic designs also integrate a hodge-podge of historical and contemporary features. While echoing back to the fixtures and materials of Edwardian times, an individualist bath might also arrange these features in contemporary patterns or shapes to fuse time periods together and playfully set them against a more clinical or untreated backdrop.



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expresskitchen on June 16, 2017 at 12:32 AM PST
There is always something new and trendy in home improvement whether it might be for kitchen, bathroom or any other part of home. Thanks for sharing some new trendy designs fo0r the bathroom that we can use and implement to make it more attractive.
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