14 February 2007


Adding a Picket Fence

The trusted and traditional picket fence. It's become almost a cliche when talking about fencing options for your home. But there's a reason a picket fence may be a valuable addition. Many people want the advantages of having a fence on their property without installing a large, thick, and obscuring privacy fence.

Picket fences can be for more than just show. While it's true that they are charming and ornamental, giving you a nice aesthetic wood fence around the home, they can also be functional.

The picket fence allows you to be able to look through it and allows for others to see your home and landscaping. But it can also keep children and larger pets within your boundaries. They may be able to climb under or over, but not without some difficulty. It could be the difference you need in case you have to take your eyes off them. The fence could act as enough of a barrier to prevent people from trespassing, cutting through your yard, or allowing their pets to use your yard as a toilet.

Find a Contractor - Free

Of course, if you're worried about needing to constantly paint your fence, you can always have a vinyl picket fence installed to cut down on any maintenance requirements. If you would like to explore your options to put in a picket fence, you'll need to consider these factors:
We have a large network of fencing companies at ConstructionDeal.com so when you're ready to add a cozy picket fence to your home, stop by and find an installer for free. It'll save you time because you'll have companies call you instead of you calling them. And it will save you money because you'll have more than one fencing company bidding on the job and you can choose the best price.

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