13 March 2009


Find a Countertop Contractor

Need a countertop installer? Don't search at random, from the phone book, for counter top pros... consider ConstructionDeal.com!

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Many homeowners would love a new counter for their kitchen or bath. Most don't know where to turn to find a local company who can install a new countertop for them.

Our network of installers work with granite, slate, marble, stainless steel, butcher block, tile, and laminate countertop materials and more. Whether you're just sick of your old worn out counter or you simply want to improve the look and value of your kitchen or bath by adding a new surface, a countertop installation company can help.

When you need new kitchen countertops, think of ConstructionDeal.com and post your project with us!

Popular Countertop Materials:
  1. Granite
  2. Corian
  3. Quartz
  4. Laminate
  5. Caesarstone
  6. Marble
  7. Stainless steel
  8. Butcher Block
  9. Glass
  10. Concrete

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13 February 2009


Get 4 Quotes from Granite Counter Installers

Granite countertops are still the hottest trend in kitchens and bathrooms. There's a great reason - they're beautiful. Granite counters improve the look and value of any home.

Ready to install granite counters in your kitchen? ConstructionDeal.com can help.

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Submit a request for granite countertop installers and we'll match you to pros in your area - at no cost.

Save Time - granite counter companies call you.

Save Money - 4 quotes means you can choose the best price.

Simply tell us about your countertop project and get estimates from professionals the same day - sometimes in just a few minutes.

Again, there is no cost to use our service and no obligation to hire anyone.

Ready to update your kitchen or bathroom?

Let's get started...

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10 October 2008


Tips on Buying Granite Countertops - Colors & Patterns

One of the reasons that granite countertops have been so popular for so many years is the unique look you get with every slab.

Of course, everyone likes that granite can resist heat and is incredibly durable, but the look gets people almost every time.

There are so many colors and patterns to choose from - it's important to make sure you go with a granite countertop that works with your home and your overall kitchen design.

According to an article in the Winston-Salem Journal, granite buyers are really being bowled over by what they're seeing on the market:

"Along with the tight, consistent patterns that many people visualize, granite also comes marked by waves and swirls, with splotches and bands of color. Some customers, once they start looking, become overwhelmed at the dozens of choices available to them.

'They had no idea they can get all this movement, all this depth,' Shaw said. 'That's the biggest thing that's wowing customers now, all this movement.'

House said that people need to be careful if they choose granite with a bold pattern.

'You almost have to consider the pattern of granite like a fabric or a wallpaper,' she said. 'Granite will last a long, long time. Therefore, you don't want something that the eye is going to grow tired of quickly, especially when you think of it in terms of a large space, such as a kitchen. You can go with something absolutely wild and crazy in a butler's pantry or powder room. But in a kitchen, with large amounts of surface, it would be my advice to a client to keep the pattern maybe not quite as pronounced.'

People who love the patterned look need to keep the rest of the kitchen simple. Granite can go with a traditional or contemporary scheme, House said, because of its sleek, clean look.

Most of the more exotic granites come from the Southern hemisphere, Shaw said, and the more subtle granites, with dense, consistent patterns, come from the Northern hemisphere."

Ready to install granite countertops in your home? We can help. ConstructionDeal.com matches homeowners with granite counter installers at no cost or obligation to you. It's a fast and easy way to get 4 free quotes from contractors.

Submit your project and talk to countertop installers today!

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Maintaining Your Granite Counters
Granite Counters on a Budget
Granite Countertops

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03 October 2008


Granite Counters on a Budget

Looking to install a granite countertop in your kitchen or bathroom but worried it might be out of your price range?

It is possible to have a granite countertop without the huge expense. By installing the granite as tiles, instead of a massive single slab, you'll save a very large amount in the materials and installation.

There is always something to be said for a complete, natural stone counter in one or two large sections. But if the installation would be cost prohibitive, you can still get the look and feel of real granite in your kitchen or bath.

Granite tiles, usually sold in 12 inch size to minimize the number of grout lines, can cost up to a quarter less than the granite slabs. It might also be possible to split your kitchen into sections with a slab and other sections with the tile, to save money. Or, you could put up a slab or two on the counter area and save money with tiles as your backsplash.

You have the choice of highlighting the fact that you're using tiles by using a contrasting grout color or to minimize and hide the tiles with a matching grout. Either way, you'll be able to have the look, luxury, and advantages of granite in your favorite room but at a much lower cost.

If you need to find a local granite countertop company to give you an estimate on adding granite tiles in your home, consider ConstructionDeal.com. We have granite tile installers in your area and you can have them contact you.

It's a great way to save the time and trouble of searching for and calling companies at random from your yellow pages book. The best part? There's no cost or obligation to you!

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01 October 2008


Trends in Kitchen & Bath Countertops

According to Nancy Barden, of Barden Stone in Memphis Tennessee, "'The homeowner wants something different, unusual, exotic. The average homeowner is more educated about stone and willing to experiment with the myriad of stone options available.

'Many types of stone are used throughout the home, such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine and onyx. Our clients want something that speaks of their own personality and they often want a different material, a different color, in each room. We just installed red onyx for a laundry room! People have become more understanding of stone and are simply willing to enjoy it.'

Barden noted one example of the popular color mixing. 'We have just installed a kitchen that mixed two types of granite, Red Marinace and Terra Cotta Bordeaux. Red Marinace is more exotic with lots of movement and color, and was used in the most prominent area, the kitchen island. The more subtle Terra Cotta Bordeaux was used on the periphery of the kitchen. But the eye candy of the kitchen was a full slab of Red Marinace that formed the backsplash, from counter top to ceiling, behind the cooktop. This was at the suggestion of the designer, and a complete success. The slab acts just like a piece of artwork.'

She finds that this is often the case. 'Architects and designers are able to use stone like an artist uses paint to create a piece of artwork, and then integrate it into a room.' She feels that the ideas professional designers bring to the table are helpful for the individual project and the growth of the entire industry. Designers are always pushing the envelope, she said."

Read more of Nancy's predictions on countertop trends and what her company is seeing as some new, hot, popular choices in design and materials on her interview with Building Stone Magazine.

When you're ready to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, you can start with the most important component to any redesign and remodeling project - the countertop.

ConstructionDeal.com matches homeowners with countertop installers ready to bid on your request. And it's free for you to find one of them.

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30 September 2008


The Latest Trends in Kitchen Countertops

Building Stone magazine has put their finger on the pulse of some stone countertop designers to get a feel for the latests trends:

What's hot in stone counters?

New finishes. That's the observation of Joe Percoco of Percoco Marble and Tile Company. 'Clients are asking for something new, something different. We had been doing quite a bit of river-wash finish, but that has been replaced in popularity by a leather finish.'

To achieve a river-wash finish, stone is flamed or bush hammered and then polished with brushes to smooth the sharpness of the surface. The process takes out some color and makes the surface more porous. A leather finish can do the opposite. 'It begins with a honed surface that is then worked with diamond brushes; the process brings back the color and closes pores, making the stone denser. The result is similar to the finish achieved by using a 300 or 400 grid. It has a nice sheen and is less porous than a honed finish.'

In fact, Percoco said that more inconsistency in the stone betters the process. 'The process is successful on soapstone and certain limestone, too.'

If you're interested in having natural stone counters installed in your kitchen or bath, you can post your request with ConstructionDeal.com. We'll match you with local countertop installation pros - for free - and you can get the unique bath or kitchen look you've always wanted.

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29 September 2008


Caesarstone Counters - Go Composite!

Everyone loves the look of a natural stone countertop surface in their brand new kitchen. Problem is, they don't want the hassle of any extra maintenance usually involved with stone.

Granite, marble, slate, quartz, and other natural stones are porous. If a stone counter is porous, it means water and stains can work their way into the surface - even the smooth, shiny surface of a new countertop.

Desperate for the look of granite and all the benefits that come with it?

Try Caesarstone.

You might have heard of it - it's very low maintenance (easy to clean and does not require a regular sealant to protect the surface!) and is resistant to heat. Like stone, it stays cool to the touch and is as smooth and shiny as the the real stone material. As an added benefit, the Caesarstone counter is so non-porous that it will prevent any germs or bacteria from settling in on the surface from contaminated foods - it can simply be wiped away.

Caeasarstone will also last a very long long time. The natural colors will remind you of a granite surface and the quartz composite material doesn't have the same flaws and imperfections that can be found in stone. Finally, it is very impact-resistant - this means less of a chance of gouges or chips on the surface. Most Caesarstone installations even come with a warranty.

Looking for a Caesarstone Countertop Installer in your area? Look no further than ConstructionDeal.com.

You can submit a request and get up to 4 quotes from counter installers. This means you save time. And by having multiple bids, you'll also be able to save money. And, the best part -- you can post your request for free!

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