01 February 2009


Find a Fencing Contractor

Need a fencing contractor? Instead of searching through your yellow pages, or asking a friend for a referral, you can use ConstructionDeal.com to find fence builders in your area!

It's the smart way to find a fence contractor!

Find a Contractor - Free

Why? It's fast. It's free and easy to use. You're under no obligation to hire any of our members, but you can save yourself time and money!

On our site, you can:

you need to Hire a Fencing Contractor?
Many homeowners need a contractor to build or repair their fencing because of the expertise and equipment required for the job. Fence materials vary and certain companies specialize in their installation.

Fences can be made from wood, aluminum, vinyl, PVC, brick, concrete, and more. These contractors can install a chain link fence, wire fencing, privacy and pet fencing, and even security fences (barbed wire and electric fencing.) Fencing installers usually specialize in residential or commercial and industrial applications.

When you need an expert fence contractor, think of ConstructionDeal.com and post your home fencing project with us!

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15 January 2007


Installing a Concrete Fence

Looking for a low maintenance fence that can be fabricated to have any look you want? You might consider a concrete fence. A concrete fence might be an great option for a homeowner or business owner that wants a strong, durable, and maintenance-free fence.

A concrete fence can be built on location or can be made in sections off-site and shipped to the home or business for installation. Because a concrete fence can be built to suit whatever your needs are, you have lots of options. The fence can be 8 to 10 feet high, with any thickness desired, and can be colored and textured.

You can have a variety of edges on the fence - curved, slightly rounded, or straight edged. The fence can be painted and can also be made to look like it was made out of brick, wood, or tile materials. For extra sturdiness, the fence could have a zig-zag pattern. Not that a straight concrete fence is not sturdy, but the zig-zag pattern can be nearly indestructible (if you need that sort of protection.)

The concrete fence might cost more than a chain link or wood fence to install, but if it is properly installed could last far longer. And that could save you money, in the long run. It's also important to plan ahead for your future needs with the fence. Unlike a wood or chain link fence, a concrete fence can be created with electrical lines built in. You could run electrical lines to support lights/lamps along the wall or to add electric gates or security cameras. It's a good idea to talk with the fencing contractor about what your options are and what to plan for.

Find a Contractor - Free

It would also be a good idea to talk to the contractor about graffiti removal. A solid color or solid surface concrete wall could be an attractive target for vandalism. It's important to plan ahead for any problems down the road to make it easier to remove it.

If you need to find a fencing company to do any type of fence installation project, consider ConstructionDeal.com. You can post your project for free and receive as many bids as you would like - this could save you time and money from having to track down a fencing company on your own. And multiple bids means you'll keep your costs in check.

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