20 February 2007


2007 Home Design Trends

From the Noblesville Ledger.com article by Bonnie Britton: "Whether it's redoing a kitchen that causes you to lose your appetite, or a bathroom where you never want to linger, 2007 might be the year to think about updates and check out the latest trends.

Home-furnishings retailer ShowPlace Direct has identified some of the top decorating and home-improvement trends for 2007, based on polls conducted with U.S. interior design firms and furniture manufacturers. On the hot list: hardwood floors -- especially bamboo -- still reign, blue decor and furniture to capture the still popular 'cottage look,' flat-screen TVs screened-in porches or sunrooms, and energy-efficient faucets.

Fancier faucets

Judd Lord, director of industrial design for Delta Faucet Co., based in Indianapolis, said faucet trends for 2007 will reflect Americans' need to relax and be more environmentally conscious.

In an e-mail interview, Lord said the 'homeowners want to bring the Zen-like feel of the spa into the home, and both the urban/loft and eco-chic trends play into this need.'

But there's still room for luxury and glamor.

'Many products, including faucets, lighting, etc., take on design cues from the glam heydays of the '20s, '30s and '40s.Warm glamorous finishes and textures such as polished nickel, polished chrome, pewter, glass and cut crystal come into play.'

Flat and framed out

Marian Salzman, recognized as one of the world's leading trendspotters and co-author of 'Next New: Trends for the Future,' said by telephone recently that 'flat-screen TVs are the new artwork.'

'They're here to stay.'

Rosalind Pope of Rosalind Pope Interior Designs in Indianapolis says the nicest thing that has happened for decorators and designers are flat-screen televisions.

'You don't have that huge armoire anymore. You don't have to worry about the depth. You can put it on a slender console which looks smart, or you can hang it on the wall.'

Totally out? 'Conspicuous consumption, heavily branded ostentatious items, unnecessary gadgets,' Salzman said.

Hail the hardwood

Still the champion: hardwood floors. Everyone wants them, home design experts say. And now the floors themselves are evolving.

Distressed flooring is gaining in popularity, says Anita Howard of the National Wood Flooring Association.

'Borders and medallions, anything that is going to customize the floor... hand-scraping, a process that you use to make new wood look antique (is big).

'One of the big trends is reclaimed wood. You take it out of old barns, factories, warehouses and make flooring out of old wood.'

Exotic woods, whatever isn't grown domestically, such as Brazilian cherry, are also going to be big in 2007.

As for tile, it's still holding its own.

Kelly Cheslyn, vice president of Architectural Brick & Tile in Indianapolis, says 'We're still holding strong in our market with glass and metals. Porcelain has absolutely taken over the ceramic market.'

Big sizes in tiles are also a trend for 2007. 'Or, the smaller the better,' she says. 'Twelve-by-12 tiles are definitely in.'

Sunrooms let light shine

Gathering and entertaining outside is still growing, experts say. Leading the way are outdoor kitchens and screened in porches, says Case Design/Remodeling, the country's largest full-service company.

Screened-in [sunrooms] will be as big as ever in 2007. The design of these rooms includes simple square floor plans with screens, to more elaborate add-ons with vaulted ceilings, all-weather glass windows, wallpaper and heat and air conditioning. Not changing: The decor. Rattan is still No. 1.

Blues have designs on you

Home-design consumers are going to have the 'blues' in 2007.

Josette Buisson, artistic director for Pittsburgh Paints, says the latest color trends 'represent the classic confluence of nature's elements and global influence and how their beauty connects and inspires our individual style.'

Pope says crisp blues and whites are back, 'not just robin's-egg but the fresh French blue.' This includes not just paint, but furniture and accessories, too."

'You are seeing more white walls, but color is still good.'

If people had to repaint every time a color trend came along, 'the paint would never dry.'"

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21 December 2006


Interior Design: Most Popular Paint Colors

What is the most popular paint color today? Believe it or not -- it's still white! Don't get me wrong... it's makes perfect sense. White goes with everything. It's such a reflective color that it can really spread light around the room. And it can make a room seem larger than it is. Of course, many people can be so tired of white because they've spent any number of years stuck in a white apartment. Too much white tends to have a very uncomfortable feel to it - almost like a sterile hospital room.

White paint can be perfect for a room with lots of color in it. A darker shade of wood on the mantle, decorative and dark furniture, and colorful large paintings can really "pop" on a white wall.

But more and more, people are choosing alternative colors for their living rooms, bedroom, dining rooms, and kitchens. Of course, when some consider their paint options, they can go overboard with it. While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, a bright fuchsia or pink wall color in the kitchen can get quite old after a while. And it certainly won't help at resale time.

But light shades of brown, blue, and yellow are still very popular. The faux painting trend has started to fade, as has the fad of multiple colors on an interior wall. But yellows are very popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Multiple shades of blue are favored in master bedrooms and boys' bedrooms. Pink and purple are favored in girls' bedrooms but they're trending more toward multiple and brighter colors as well. For the past five years or so, red was very popular in living, dining rooms and even kitchens.

When deciding on the interior paint color, the room itself is very important in the choice. Consider the size of the room as well as the available light. A small room will feel that much smaller with a dark color. Same with a room that has little natural light - a dark color could make the room smaller and feel more oppressive. On the other side, a very large room with a white or cream or light yellow could be perceived to be too large or undefined and unstructured.
Painting Trends:

  • Contrasting can be a great painting option. If you want a dark color in a particular room, you can paint the walls in the dark shade and to really highlight the color, you could paint the trim and ceiling a white, off-white, or comparable light version of the dark color.

  • Darker browns have been replaced by burgundies and browns with a healthy dose of scarlet tinting.

  • Pinks are not as popular now and are being replaced by light peach or salmon colors.

  • Eggplant purples are hot now, but the shade must really work for the room or it can look very cheap and gaudy.

  • Mustard yellow was previously popular, but the color has shifted to more of an amber or a brighter gold shade.

  • The yellow-ish light green color has gone darker in shade, heading toward an olive and even a muted grass-colored green. These greends look great with a blue-tinted pure white color on the trim, baseboards, and crown moulding.
Keep in mind that paint color trends are rarely stable, long-lasting things. The hot color of 2003 is now dated and wornout by now. Paint color is a very personal choice. And the colors of paint are easily dictated by the style of the house, the size of the room, the color choices in homes throughout the neighborhood, and more.

Whatever paint colors you have in mind - don't buy your paint on your first trip! Take the largest sample sizes you can find home to your room. View that color in the light. If possible, get a small sample of the paint -- paint the room wall to see how it looks when it dries. And if you have a large room, make sure you mix all the paint together into larger buckets to make sure the paint is well mixed in case there are color variations.

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Choosing an Interior Paint
Design Ideas: Paintable Wall Applications

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